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Hemang Arunbhai Pandit

Hemang Arunbhai Pandit is a part of Pandit Software Services which is owned and operated by Mr. Hemang Arunbhai Pandit, a serial entrepreneur, who started his career with Hutchison India(now Vodafone) as the head of Product Development Group in 1998.  He worked there for 5 years achieving multiple awards and developing numerous products & softwares pertaining to Productivity, Billing and Value Added Services.

In 2003, he founded with Mr. Bejan Daruwalla which is now #1 in India and #3 in the world with over 5 million(50 lac) visitors on its web and telecom portals. He also launched which is he worl’s first and only horoscopes based internet radio station. He has led a research initiative into forecasting of the Stock Markets via astrology which resulted into Currently he is involved in developing portals on health, chess, etc. which will be launched soon.

Mr. Pandit holds a Bachelors degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Dharmsinh Desai Institute of Technology, Gujarat University. He was the Gold Medalist of his batch which passed out in 1998.

Dharamendra Rathod

Dharamendra Rathod

Smartive operations are managed by Mr. Dharmendra Rathod who holds a bachelors degree in Electronis from BVM, Vallabh Vidhyanagar and is a qualified network engineer. He has played a major role in setup and maintenance of the end-to-end IT network infrastructure at

He is responsible both for the partner relations and technical aspects of Smartive. He will look after the maintenance of mail network infrastructure capable of sending more than 1 million(10 lac) emails per hour coupled with advanced techniques like SPF, Domainkeys and DKIM.