is a feature rich platform has been designed to serve the entire spectrum of clients and has features for all

Dedicated Control Panel

A dedicated web based control panel is provided to all our customers and resellers. Details of their mailing lists, mailers both text and html, sending schedule and statistics are available in this control panel.


Delivery Statistics

Accurate delivery statistics are available for all the campaigns done via Details regarding emails opened per hour, per day, etc. are also available in the web based control panel.

Advanced Support will provide 24 hour support on mail to everyone. Gold and Silver Customers will also get the same support on the phone. This is because we understand the value of timing in your campaigns.


Advanced techniques included

Leading ESP’s like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail use Senderid, SPF, Domainkeys and DKIM to figure out spam emails from the proper ones. utilizes all of these advanced techniques to get your emails into the inbox.

Feedback Loops

It is important to know which of your customers do not want communication from you to ensure that those who want it get it in their inbox. Feedback loops help sort this out and uses them to your advantage.


Dedicated IPs has the option of providing dedicated IP addresses so that your campaigns utilize these ips exclusively. It helps maintain their reputation and hence has a significant positive impact on inbox delivery.